Identify your Hexagrams

After a Hexagram has been received, look for the upper three lines top tri-gram in the tri-grams below and note the direction.   Then look for the bottom three lines bottom tri-gram in the tri-grams below and note the direction. Along the top of the hexagram chart find the direction of your top tri-gram, and the along the side of the chart find the direction of your bottom tri-gram.  Where the two tri-grams meet in the chart  is the number of the hexagram for your reading.  The hexagram numbers on the chart are linked to the interpretations and will appear in the bottom frame.

The Tri-grams










For this example,  assume there were no moving lines and therefore there is only one hexagram to look up

The top three lines of both hexagrams are the South tri-gram.  The bottom three lines are the Northeast tri-gram.  So I look up South along the top of the hexagram chart below and Northeast along the side of the chart to find out that this is hexagram number 25.  Clicking on the 25 will bring up all the information on that hexagram in the bottom frame.

The Hexagram Chart

Upper Tri-gram South NE West NW North SE East SW
Lower Tri-gram
South 1 34 5 26 11 9 14 43
NE 25 51 3 27 24 42 21 17
West 6 40 29 4 7 59 64 47
NW 33 62 39 52 15 53 56 31
North 12 16 8 23 2 20 35 45
SE 44 32 48 18 46 57 50 28
East 13 55 63 22 36 37 30 49
SW 10 54 60 41 19 61 38 58

End my I Ching session

Using the I Ching Frame to Receive your Hexagrams

Simply  press  the button  in  the I Ching Frame, to bring up two hexagrams.  Red arrows are moving lines meaning that you have received two separate hexagrams.  If there are no red arrows after you  receive your hexagrams then the answer to your issue will be found in the general meaning of the single hexagram you received.  If there were one or more moving lines  then the situation you asked about is fluid.  If there is only one moving line then first look up the hexagram at the left to receive information about the situation as it currently stands. After this, look up the second hexagram and read the message for the line that has the symbol that it is moving red arrow.  Hexagrams are numbered from the bottom.  The bottom line is line 1 and top line is line 6.  If you had more than one moving line in your second hexagram then after reading your first hexagram read the general meaning for the second hexagram to receive the wisdom of the I Ching on your issue.

When you are done you can use the End my I Ching Session link in the hexagram window to leave without getting stuck in frames.